Over 30000 Blankets Washed Each Year

All Services Guaranteed

We have tested many products. If we don't like how they work on our blankets we won't use them on yours. We think we have come across the right combination of products to give you the best satisfaction. We use only environmentally friendly, mild soap and disinfectant to safely clean your blankets and keep our environment safe from toxins. We only line dry blankets so you do not get shrinkage. Although, sweat sheets (waffle) and some wool blankets may still shrink. This is just the nature of the material and can't be helped. These blankets can be pulled back to size with care. All blankets are tagged and returned in a labeled, zippered bag. We recycle bags if they are returned clean.

After extensive testing, we have found a product that is providing excellent results. So far the waterproofing is lasting for two years, even after several washings, on most blankets. Of course, we can not guarentee the two years because it depends on the material of the blanket and how close the fibers are together. Don't be mislead by most of what is on the market today. We have found what truly works. Waterproofing is very costly and time consuming, hence the price. We use an environmentally friendly product.

Our repairs are done with care. Eventhough we can repair any blanket, we keep the customers pocket book in mind. We take the age, type of blanket, and how big the repair, in consideration. Of course we may not see how bad the blanket is before it is cleaned, so if you suspect your blanket will be more than $50 to repair, please don't hesitate to leave us a note or talk to me personally before we clean or repair it. We will not go over $50 without speaking with the customer first. If we accidentally repair more than $50 without speaking with the customer, we discount it back down to $50.

Created for the needs of Rescues and any 501c(3) company pertaining to Equines. When a blanket is donated to Horse Authority, it is washed and repaired and put into the Blanket Bank. Any 501(c)3 may come and pick up any blanket or misc item, in which they may need, FREE of charge.

Blanket Bank is also OPEN TO THE PUBLIC to purchase used blankets. ALL PROCEEDS go to feeding 501(c)3 equines. Please make checks, bought from Blanket Bank, payable directly to "Stamp Out Starvation". If you have blankets to donate please donate them here. If you would also like to make a cash donation, please make your checks out to "Stamp Out Starvation" and we will make sure they receive your generous offer.


I was packing for a show and at the last minute realized the decorative braiding was coming apart from the blanket.
I called Horse Authority to see if they could help me immediately. Allyne told me to to bring it over and she would personally fix it while I watied.
It took about 10 minutes and I was on my way. I really apprecated that last minute help!

--Grateful Customer