Over 5000 Blankets Washed Each Year

23 yrs of Service to the Horse Community



We are a full service horse blanket wash, repair and waterproofing company. We have been in business since 1994. We were one of the first in the country. I am currently servicing Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. We happily clean over 5000 blankets per year. We definitely know blankets! I would love to service your area so don't hesitate to call., Let's talk!


We are a caring company. We like to give back to our community. We do many Non-Profit rescue & therapy barns for free, when we can. I take in donated blankets; wash & repair them at my cost and then donate them to those Non-Profits in need. Check out Blanket Bank!


We guarentee all our work. If you don't like what we have done we will do our best to fix it. Please check your blanket right away and don't hesitate to come and talk with me. Don't wait until it is time to use it!


Allyne, Thank you so much for donating the horse blankets to our facility! The sick & injured rescue horses will be warmer this winter
because of your generosity. We appreciate you getting the word out that blankets are despretly needed. Many Thanks!

--Horse Rescue Administrator