Over 5000 Blankets Washed Each Year

* New 2019 Pricing * - Laundry, Repairs, Water Repellant

* Effective April 1, 2019 *
Most blankets $26
Blankets W/Necks $31
Sheets w/No Fill $24
Hoods $12
Necks $6
English Pads $2ea
Eng Pads (Full Load =12) $15
Water Repellant $20
Rip Repairs $8/ft.
Lining Repairs $8/ft.
Patches $7 & up
Snaps, Buckles, D-Rings $3 - $7
Surcingle Replacement $8
Leg Straps $5
Tail Straps $4

*** Want a Discount!!! *** Drop your blankets off at the Horse Authority facility and receive a $5 per blanket discount.


When I dropped off my blanket for washing and repair Allyne was concerned about the extent of the repairs necessary to make it usable. I appreciate
her giving me a heads up regarding the extent of repairs and allowing me the opportunity to decide to follow through with some or all of the repairs needed.
I knew I was due for a new blanket. This info was helpful with making my decision. I appreciate her honesty and concern for my costs involved!

--Repair Customer