Over 30000 Blankets Washed Each Year

Available Blankets from Blanket Bank

Created for the needs of Rescues and any 501(c)3 company pertaining to Equines. When a blanket is donated to Horse Authority, it is washed and repaired and put into the Blanket Bank. Any 501(c)3 may come and pick up any blanket or misc item, in which they may need, FREE of charge.

Blanket Bank is also OPEN TO THE PUBLIC to purchase used blankets. ALL PROCEEDS go to feeding 501(c)3 equines. Please make checks, bought from Blanket Bank, payable directly to "Stamp Out Starvation". If you have blankets to donate please donate them here. If you would also like to make a cash donation, please make your checks out to "Stamp Out Starvation" and we will make sure they receive your generous offer.

Allyne, Thank you so much for donating the horse blankets to our facility! The sick & injured rescue horses will be warmer this winter
because of your generosity. We appreciate you getting the word out that blankets are despretly needed. Many Thanks!

--Horse Rescue Administrator