Over 30000 Blankets Washed Each Year

Horse Blanket Wash, Repair and Waterproofing   PayPal

Dirty Horse Blanket
Most blankets $24
Blankets W/Necks $29
Sheets w/No Fill $22
Hoods $10
Necks $5
English Pads $2
Waterproofing $20
Want a Discount!!!! Drop your blankets off at the Horse Authority facility and receive a $5 per blanket discount!
Clean Horse Blanket
Rip Repairs $8/ft.
Lining Repairs $8/ft.
Patches $7 & up
Snaps, Buckles, D-Rings $3 - $7
Surcingle Replacement $8
Leg Straps $5
Tail Straps $4
"I never thought I would get another years use from my old blanket. Horse Authority did a great job
cleaning, repairing, and waterproofing my old blanket saving me the expense of purchasing a new one!
Thanks Horse Authority!”
- Karen Davare